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VectorGraphics2D provides implementations of Java's Graphics2D interface and exports the graphics in various vector file formats. Currently, there's support for the following vector file formats:

Additional formats can be easily added.


  • Support for EPS, PDF, and SVG formats
  • Rendering of all geometric shapes provided by the java.awt.Graphics2D interface
  • Shapes and text can be made transparent (except in EPS)
  • Arbitrary clipping paths can be defined
  • Output of bitmap images
  • Easily extensible
  • Very small footprint (JAR is about 30 kilobytes)

Currently, most operations are supported, i.e. VectorGraphics2D is able to handle clipping gradients, or compression. Some features are still missing, like text encodings, embedded fonts, or metadata support. Although its early stage VectorGraphics2D is already used successly in its fellow projects GRAL and WARP as well as in many other projects to export vector graphics.

Download and usage

You can download VectorGraphics2D in various formats on the download page.

VectorGraphics2D requires a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) of at least version 6. Simply add the JAR file to your project's class path to use it. See the usage page for code examples.

Get involved

If you want to report issues, bugs, or file feature requests just register with the link on top of this page. If you like to contribute your own code please send me an email message to <dev [at] erichseifert [dot] de>. You will get an account for the wiki pages and for the VectorGraphics2D git repository.


VectorGraphics2D uses the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) so loosely speaking you may use the library for your own application regardless of the license it uses. Any changes to the library itself however have to be licensed under the LGPL, too.

Similar libraries

VectorGraphics2D isn't the only library to implement Graphics2D vector export. There are several other libraries which support EPS, PDF, SVG, and even more formats: