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WARP is a recursive acronym which means "WARP is A Replay Parser". As you already might have suggested due to the recursive project name, WARP is licensed under the GNU GPL license.

The aim of WARP is to provide a management software for game replays and demos. The current plan aims at a "simple" parsing of Starcraft 2 replay files, but in the future, a sophisticated plugin system will provide support for various file types, especially for RTS games.

With the aid of WARP, you will be able to receive detailed information on your or your opponent's games, which helps you improve your tactics or other skills. The project's goal is to provide statistics and neatly showing them in well-arranged plots.

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WARP is an easy to use replay manager. It allows you to quickly peek into the saved games as well as sorting and filtering the replay list for specific attributes, like player names, the save date, and much more, make it easy to gather the information you are looking for.

Additionally, WARP will support a variety of replay formats, making it capable to handle several games with a single application.

As a bonus, WARP is entirely written in Java, thus being platform independent.

For further information, have a closer look at WARP's full feature list.

Download and Installation

Click here for an installation guide of WARP.

For Developers

If you are interested in using WARP in another project or you are simply curious about how everything works, have a look at the developer guide.

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