Developer guide

WARP and its dependencies use Apache Maven for automated testing, packaging and reporting and git as a version control system.

Retrieving the sources

Checkout from git

  git clone projectUrl

If you replace projectUrl with the git URL of the project (see below), it will download the latest source files to the current folder.


By entering the directory of each checked-out folder, you are able to run an array of commands to issue orders to Maven.

Example using a UNIX system:

  $ git clone git:// mpqparser
  $ cd mpqparser
  $ mvn install
  $ cd ..

  $ git clone git:// vectorgraphics2d
  $ cd vectorgraphics2d
  $ mvn install
  $ cd ..

  $ git clone git:// gral
  $ cd gral
  $ git checkout tags/0.8
  $ mvn install
  $ cd ..

  $ git clone git:// warp
  $ cd warp
  $ mvn package assembly:assembly
  $ cd ..

All of these projects do not have to share the same parent directory.

Building individual modules of WARP is not possible, yet. Therefore you have to build all of the dependencies.

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