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WARP is capable of setting up a fully-fledged database that allows you to easily access all saved replays at the same time. Therefore, replays do not have to be parsed on every startup, which in turn saves a lot of time.

Every parsed replay can be searched for several different fields, such as player names or player count or even chat messages. By utilizing a sophisticated search mechanism, WARP allows wildcards (asterisk), greater-than and less-than signs, allowing detailed searches. Of course, multiple search terms can be combined by concatenating them with whitespaces. At this time, though, multiple search terms can only be treated as a logical "OR".


  • The search term *ard matches "retard" as well as "lizard"
  • Searching for a player count >2 retrieves all replays with more than two players

Main window with search query

Actions per minute

Through the use of GRAL, WARP is able to nicely visualize the players' APM by displaying them in an APM plot as seen below. Display of APM in a plot

These plots even handle user interaction by being capable of zooming and exporting or printing the plot, as displayed. To allow comparison between two or more participants, the user can easily show and hide a player's APM unticking/ticking the check box on the right.

Display of APM in a plot with hidden players

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