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Mar 31, 2010, 7:38:40 PM (11 years ago)

Added information on actions


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    4242||0x00||bytes9||Unknown. Probably something that has to do with the map.||
    4343||0x09||string||Some kind of checksum or hash. Usually 76 bytes long (75 without the length indicator of the string).||
     45=== ===
     46This file stores all actions the players have ordered.
     48An action looks like the following:
     50||0x00||time information||Gives information about the time offset of an action to the preceding action. Equivalent to the time information in the chat log.||
     51||time information||byte||Unknown.||
     52||time information + 1||byte||Action code.||
     53||time information + 2||bytesX||Bytes storing information on the respective action. The size seems to depend on the action code.||
     55Action codes:
     56||'''Action code'''||'''In-game action'''||
     57||0x0B||Usage of any kind of ability or assignment of orders. Includes constructing buildings, training units, moving, attacking, gathering resources, and so on.||
     58||0x81||Movement of the screen.||
     59||0xAC||Selection or deselection.||
     61To distinguish abilities or orders, a 3 byte identifier for each order is used. These 3 bytes will be called the "ability code":
     62||'''Ability code'''||'''Ability'''||
     66||0x020602||Hold position||
     68||0x050500||Set way point||
     70||0x060401||Return cargo||
     72||0x060D01||Build Supply Depot||
     73||0x060D02||Build Refinery||
     74||0x080700||Train SCV||
     76Simply right clicking on an object in order to attack, gather resources, or move, depending on what is the default action, occupies a special ability code:
     77||'''Ability code'''||'''Ability'''||
     78||0xFFFF0F||Right click action||