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Apr 4, 2010, 3:59:42 PM (11 years ago)

Added information on selection actions


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    6565||0x81||Movement of the screen.||
    6666||0xAC||Selection or deselection.||
     68===== Select action =====
     70||0x00||byte||Always seems to be 0x00. Probably belongs to the following byte so that both of them give an int16.||
     71||0x01||byte||Function unknown.||
     72||0x02||byte||Function unknown.||
     73||0x03||byte||Boolean value (Either 0x00 or 0x01). If the flag is set, the player's current selection will be discarded and the units described in this action will be the only units remaining in the player's new selection. If not set, the units of this action will be added to the player's selection.||
     74||0x04||byte||If this byte is 0x00, the action ends here. This only occurs, if units are deselected. Deselection in this case means that only some of the units in the player's current selection are deselected. In other words, if A is the player's current selection and B is the player's new selection, B is a subset of A. If this byte is not 0x00, however, it has something to do with the unit IDs.||
     75||0x05||byte||Function unknown.||
     76||0x06||byte||Function unknown. Probably an indicator for the selection type that occurred (left-click, shift-click, rectangle or ctrl-click).||
     77||0x07||byte||Number of units that will be added to the player's current selection.||
     78||0x08||byte||Function unknown.||
     80This "header" which provides general information for the selection is followed by the block for the newly selected units.
     81Each unit is described as follows:
     83||0x00||byte||Unit ID.||
     84||0x01||byte||Function unknown.||
     85||0x02||byte||Function unknown.||
     86||0x03||byte||Function unknown.||
    6888==== Ability codes ====